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We work to exceed customers expectation and create a benchmark in plastic injection molding services. Though are hundreds of plastic injection molding companies in Malaysia and worldwide. We at Sri Dayaa, offers full-service contract manufacturing with options that can be tailored to fit a customer’s specific needs and requirements.

Plastic Injection Molding Services

Our extensive experience and broad supplier base created the ability to provide the best services in contract manufacturing. As the industry is predicted to continue growing. Plastic injection molding services are crucial in the processing, shaping or prototyping of a new product or the outlook of an existing product.

Combined with technology and high-performance materials Sri Dayaa provide a number of secondary value-added services along with our core plastic injection molding services.

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Although plastic injection molding process is complex one but the products can be produced with almost zero defects. Presently, most manufacturing companies use parts that are plastic injection moulded, whether they make toys, home-appliances, electronics or electrical parts, watches, computers, etc.

Plastic injection molding services process is used to produce products with high quality, good dimensional accuracy and dimensional stability but any defects may occur during the process or after the completion of the process in the products.  

Types of defects like shrinkage, warpage, voids, weld-lines etc. usually occurs in plastic products that will affect our reputation as contract manufacturer. Sri Dayaa’s highly experienced team works to identify and nullified the defects in the products that may be occurred at any step of the procedure.

Plastic injection molding machine consist of three units namely Clamping Unit, the Injection Unit, and the Drive Unit.

The functions of the clamping unit are to hold the mold, close and open during the operation. The fixed and moving plates, the tie bars and the mechanism for opening, closing and clamping are the parts of the clamping unit.

The function of injection unit or plasticizing unit is to melts the polymer resins and injects it into the mold.

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Plastic Injection Molding
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