What is Precision Injection Molding

What is Precision Injection Molding?

Precision injection molding is used to create specialized parts in industries like electronics, automotive, medical devices, optics, and more. Parts produced through precision injection molding mostly used in advanced technical devices, products where small form factors are essential, or as replacements for precision metal parts.

In precision injection molding, the term optimal implies more than robustness. The process should produce a maximal percentage of acceptable molded products.

The process should run efficiently, with minimal cycle time, energy consumption, and material waste. While the first condition strongly encourages robustness, the second criterion provides a practical limit on the desirability of that robustness.

Specifically, it is desirable to reduce the total system cost, which is a function of: 

  • The marginal processing cost of the materials, labor, and machine
  • The processing yield of acceptable parts
  • The marginal cost of molding defective product

The major challenge now is to change these processes and to optimize the processing conditions such that low-cost, high-speed, and high-quality mass production can be realized as in the macro scale production.

Injection molding is well-known from the field of plastics production. The conventional injection molding technology is not accurate enough for plastics production. To achieve the necessary precision, it is necessary to optimize the whole process chain.

Precision Injection Molding by Sri Dayaa

Since precision injection molded parts generally need integrated product and process design, where the product development process provides not only the design of the precision part (including material specifications), but also the validated design of the precision molding process parameters, sensors and allowances.

In order to meet the precision injection molding complex process, we at Sri Dayaa optimize our engineering and machineries at every stage of:

  • Part designs
  • Mold Designs
  • Material Selections

The injection molding machine is of course another important element of the process chain. Within the machine the polymer is melted and reproducible injected into the mold. This requires a precise control of all process temperatures, the displacement volume, the injection speed, the cavity-pressure etc. Product quality in the micron range requires micron precision machinery that’s the advantage of Sri Dayaa Manufacturing Sdn Bhd.

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